Metroland poets evening set for October 17th 2017. Help needed.

Hi there,

In November 2015 we had a wonderful evening of poems and pictures. Below is the link to the photobook that I published via Blurb…

We are scheduled to have another such evening on 17th October 2017. This time, to make things easier, the poems are going to be shorter, i.e. no longer than 20 lines.The idea is that we have poets and photographers working in pairs together. The poet sends you one or two poems to produce photos for and you send your partner poet a couple of pictures to produce poems to.Peter Keeble (the chair of the poets group) has about 10 poets eager to start; I only have about 5 so far. It can all be done via email and we will have 7 months to work in.

How about it?