Last night one of our members, Carol Burley LRPS, gave a delightful illustrated talk about the eight days she spent on the Galapagos Islands.


During the evening we followed her and her companions as they went island hopping in the company of two professional photographers. We saw the animals indigenous to the area, including giant tortoises, blue (and red) footed boobys, fur seals, frigate birds and scaly lizards and iguanas. Iguanas and lizards seem to get on very well…



We learnt about how Ecuador keeps these precious islands and their occupants safe from invaders and tourists. The strict rules mean that the animals and birds live in peace with few predators to disturb their habitat.


There was a general buzz of excitement and a lot of talk at coffee time about how we were all enjoying the experience.

Turnout was good, and there were lots of questions and a big round of applause at the end. I am never likely to visit these islands, so for me I felt privileged to be taken on this personal tour. Thank you Carol.

NOTE These images are taken from the evening, but the reproductions have suffered at my hands. Sorry.