Last night, 4th April, Dave Hipperson came along to the Club to judge the above competition, and brought his lovely wife with him.

Dave Hipperson

Dave has not been to our Club before and had quite a challenge on his hands with something like 40 PDIs and 28 Prints to assess. Nevertheless he gave each one a fair and considered opinion, which he delivered in a pleasing way.

Sharon Spiller and Dorothy Chilton were awarded  19 and 20 points respectively in the Novice PDI section, for Great Grey Owl and Dandelion Seed Head. Moving on to the Intermediates, Linda Melling and Dennis Craggs got 19 and 20 respectively for Small but perfectly formed, and Sentinel.

Seed Head

  In the Advanced Section, Shirley Arnold and Steven Galvin both got 20s for Buffalo Crossing, and Suspicious.



Prints may have given Dave an even greater challenge, but he settled on 20 points for Sharon Spiller’s Tawny Owl in the Novices.

No twenties were awarded in the Intermediate class, but Eagle and Linda Melling’s Miss Moneypenny took 19s.

There was good participation in the Advanced Section with 18 entries, which attracted a lot of high scores. In the end Dave whittled these down to three 20s: Carol Burley with Little Owl Stare, Rowena Wolton with Beauty and Cruelty, and Dragonfly (t he author of which I didn’t catch).

Now, who has the Campbell Cup? This won’t be revealed until the AGM in May!