Blowing Bubbles – Part 2

My second attempt at photographing frozen bubbles involved the use of an off camera flash (to simulate sunrise) and some battery powered LED lights. (thinking about this years christmas cards already)

Equipment used.

Canon 5D Mk3

70-200mm f 2.8

An extension tube to allow me to get closer to the bubbles than the focusing distance of the lens would allow.

Yongnu 600 Ex-RT flash – any flash will do as I used it on manual, and a means to trigger it which can be wireless or a cable.

Godox 60cm x 60cm soft box.

A piece of yellow cellophane bought from Amazon. (Part of a pack of 48 sheets in assorted colours)

Photographing bubbles

No cable release was used and numerous photos were taken of each bubble to get the best focus. The first three images were taken at ISO 800, between f4.5 and f8.

1M5A1630 1M5A16071M5A1653

The below image was a focus stack in Photoshop.


For the processing of the images I use Lightroom – they are quite heavily processed compared to my usual images to bring out the texture in the ice. The settings are different to each image but there is adjustment in the de-haze, the blacks are increased to deepen them, the highlights and whites are also reduced. I also increase the Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation.