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Blowing Bubbles

With some cold weather approaching I thought I would share something I tried last time that the temperature was below freezing and that is frozen bubbles.


Burst Frozen Bubble
Burst Frozen Bubble










The temperature needs to be about -4 centigrade and probably the colder the better as the bubbles will freeze quicker. I tried it at about -2 and it took the bubbles quite some time to freeze.

You will need:

1. Some bubble mix (washing up liquid mixed with water in a suitable ratio to be able to blow bubbles with) I used a ready made mix which I have had for some years.
2. A couple of spoonfulls of sugar dissolved in water (a few tablespoons)
3. Something to form the bubbles

As I had just got up I dissolved some sugar into a cup with boiling water, the mixed it with half a cup of bubble mix. I’m not sure what the sugar does to the mix but a look on the internet will bring up various recipes, some of them call for corn syrup.

I now have a jar of the mix already made up.

My first trial was in the back garden, I blew the bubble, it landed and took some seconds to freeze.

Once I had established that it was cold enough, I went to the front (more neighbours can see me there)

I then blew the bubbles and tried to land them on the wheelie bins so that I didn’t have to bend down and to be able to move around for different views.

I tried to use an LED light to light it but this reflected off the bubble.

Not all the bubbles made it to the top of the bin, some burst others missed it. Those that landed some burst, some start to freeze and then burst.1M5A0734 1M5A08051M5A0849













For these images I used a canon 35-80 kit lens which I have modified to allow me to get closer to the subject and a Canon 5d M3 and with some of the images I may have used a 12mm extension tube.

One thing I would say is that even though you are just outside the door is wrap up warm and wear gloves.

Good Luck


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